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PowerAccounting is an accounting system that provides full functions recognized by international professional firms. It is a professional and reliable accounting system that is easy to use with granular user control and audit trail. It also provides accurate analysis and reporting of account details.

PowerAccounting consists of six modules including:
  • General Ledger
  • Sub-Ledger
  • PowerAnalysis
  • Debit/Credit Note
  • Fixed Assets
  • Bank Reconciliation
The General Ledger provides accurate analysis and reporting of final accounts, trial balance and account details ledger. The main component is Chart of Account which manages individual account balance and transactions for individual company and the group as desirable. It also provides consolidation of companies. Key featuresíK

The Sub-Ledger manages outstanding balance of individual debtor/creditor, outstanding balance of individual open item and payment history of individual open item. It also employs both balance forward and open-item principles. Key featuresíK

The PowerAnalysis is an Excel tool. It provides fast and easy ways to extract on-line financial data into the Excel worksheets for analysis and reporting purposes. Key featuresíK

The Debit/Credit Note links up with the Sub-Ledger module and provides debit note, credit note and invoice inputting and printing. It can also generate related vouchers to the General Ledger module. Key featuresíK

The Fixed Assets manages information of assets depreciation and disposal. It applies the straight line method for depreciation calculation. It can also generate related vouchers to the General Ledger module. Key featuresíK

The Bank Reconciliation imports bank statement data, automatically matches the bank statement to bank account ledger and provides the bank reconciliation statement. Key featuresíK