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In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, you need to maintain an accurate and holistic view of your investment portfolios so to save time and reduce operational risk.

Our portfolio accounting and management system, PowerPortfolio, is highly flexible and can be configured to monitor your bought/sold transactions of securities and bonds across markets and brokers.

PowerPortfolio provides bought/sold execution sheet, stock register, stock position and valuation, calculation of realized and unrealized profit or loss as well as management reporting.
Key Features
  • Allows user to define stock types
  • Calculates realized and unrealized gains or losses
  • Provides Moving Average costing method
  • Allows to import Bought/Sold Execution, Settlement and Transfer transactions
  • Allows to import market price and exchange rate to calculate the values of current position
  • Provides multi-currency cash balances for each portfolio
  • Alerts on the bank/broker balance for settlement
  • Audit trails
  • Provides valuation reports by stock types, group, sub-group or market and in book currency, market currency or a converted report currency
  • PowerAnalysis, an Excel add-in tool, provides fast and easy ways to extract stock data into the Excel worksheets for analysis and reporting
  • Integrates with General Ledger and Sub-Ledger of PowerAccounting or third party Accounting system
Key Benefits
  • Maintain an accurate and holistic view of your investment portfolios
  • Key metrics at your fingertips: P&L and stock positions
  • Maintain accurate intraday and historical records of all your transactions and positions
  • Notify user at specific cash position or date for easy monitoring and timely decision making
  • Satisfy management requirements through slicing data to create reports in your preferred formats with PowerAnalysis and Microsoft Power BI
  • Save time and money by automating repetitive and manual middle- and back-office tasks
  • Increase transparency with accurate and clear reporting
Unique Strengths
  • Accounting interface

    PowerPortfolio provides interface with the accounting system for the bought/sold execution and settlement.
  • Flexible Reporting

    You can mix and match your data across the financial instruments with analysis that you need with easy, efficient reporting through our Excel add-in tool PowerAnalysis and Microsoft Power BI.