PowerWine - Powerful Wine Order and Stock Management


The Challenges of Wine Trading Management

For some wine and spirit merchants, wine management, it's trading process from purchase to sale, and keeping track with the wines in various warehouses pose a unique set of challenges.


PowerWine aims at providing the wine and spirit industries better wine order and stock management functionalities with the best user experience. It maintains specific wine details such as wine type, winery, country, region, vintage, variety, bottle size, points, pack size, case type and more.

PowerWine automates your trading operations from purchase, sales, delivery and invoicing operations and simplifies many of your tasks. With built-in alerts in PowerWine, your wine order and stock management can now be done easily, accurately and quickly. A POS module is also provided for retail management.

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PowerWine Benefits

PowerWine will increase your staff productivity, improve your operations efficiency and lead to higher profits.

PowerWine maintains specific details of your wine, keeps your stock manageable and well-organized in various warehouses, and allows you to simplify your orders processing.

Alerts in PowerWine allow you to better manage and monitor your goods receipt, stocks and deliveries.

On retail side, the PowerWine POS system provides you comprehensive functions for your retail shop management.

Major Functions and Features
  • Easy Order Creation and Stock Management
  • Alerts for better Monitoring of stock and orders
  • Costs Calculation
  • BI Reports
  • PowerAccounting Integration
  • PowerWine-POS
    • Shop and Stock Management
    • Back-Office Management
    • Sales Analysis
    • Mobile app for sales and stock enquiry