PowerTrading, an integrated trading system, supports multi-companies and multi-currency, is optimized for export trading, buying office, indent sales trading and processing with client materials. PowerTrading is also good for trading company with its production arm. The trading system also caters for assortment and component sales and can manage both indent and non-indent sales so to satisfy the specific needs of different business models.

As a trading system with comprehensive features, PowerTrading clients come from various sectors including toys, household products, garment and other merchandising fields.

PowerTrading consists of the following modules:
  • Power BI Reports
  • Order Processing
  • Sales Analysis
  • Reference Files
  • Inventory Control
  • Lab Test Workflow
  • PowerFlow
  • PowerAccounting Interface
Standard package:

The Power BI reports comes with PowerTrading are easy to use. These business intelligence reports are built on the Microsoft Power BI platform which provides good report visualization capabilities and put BI in everyoneíŽs hands. Key featuresíK

The Order Processing monitors sales & purchase contracts, shipping and invoicing. It can issue sales order, purchase order, shipment advice, shipping invoice, packing list, and also customs invoice and packing list. Key featuresíK

The Sales Analysis provides a series of sales analysis reports of sales figures and cost as well as the gross profit. Key featuresíK

The Reference Files maintains all reference data, such as customers, manufacturers, products, etc. The reference data is fully integrated to all other modules. Key featuresíK
Optional modules:

The Inventory Control provides the capability to monitor inventory status of product, accessory and packing material items. It also provides average, FIFO, or LIFO costing method. Key featuresíK

The Lab Test Workflow provides the functions to manage the product laboratory test process and ensure prompt follow up among team members . It will monitor the status of the product Lab Test process and ensure that the country or customer's product Lab Test requirements can be satisfied. Key featuresíK

The PowerFlow provides the capability to manage workflow process, ensuring responsible staff for each task will receive notification and relevant information so they can finish their tasks in time. PowerFlow will monitor the progress and status of the workflow and delay notification will be sent to concerned parties for necessary follow up.

The PowerFlow can be applied to the different functional modules in PowerTrading as desirable. Key featuresíK

The PowerAccounting Interface provides the functions for generating accounts receivable and payable vouchers to the PowerAccounting system. Key featuresíK